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Determining the correct size of AKU shoes is a simple process.

First, you need to measure the distance from the back of the foot to the thumb end. It is advisable to do this at the end of the working day after the feet have been under load and are slightly longer.

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Review of an emergency bag (disaster supply kit) and explanation of it's importance is described in a booklet recently issued by State fire and rescue service of Latvia. Although it's only in Latvian, if you've ever been interested in survival topics, most probably you already know most of its content. In this article we will try to look more closely at the details what could be new for you. These recommendations should not be treated as rules; you need to evaluate your own priorities for making an emergency bag and listing supplies what you may need in a crisis situation.

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Taking it lightly, the survival kit is a collection of useful things that you usually don't have with you when you get in trouble and need them most. Such a kit contains items that help you stay alive while waiting for the rescuers in case you get lost in the forest, experience natural or technogenic disaster or get separated from the civilization in other similar situations. The survival kit should be designed for everyone at their own discretion, although ready-made kits are also available. This article provides a general introduction what to take into account when making a DIY survival kit.

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It is always difficult to offer sizing information via e mail or the phone but here at TF we always say that Lowa boots are a standard fitting boot in comparison to other brands. They tend to fit the majority of customers who try them on straight out of the box & most customers in their normal shoe size. If you are a size 8 normally then try a Lowa boot in a size 8. You do not need to go up a size or alternatively have to try an extra wide boot.

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