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How to get discount coupons

There are three ways to receive discount coupons:

  1. You are in the public service - in the army, in the police, in the fire brigade and others.
  2. Leave feedback on the product you purchased - after you have purchased something from Lynxgear.lv you have the opportunity to leave a comment and rating at the bottom of the description page (You must be registered to do this). Then, you can write us an e-mail with a link to the product where you have left a comment to receive a 5% discount coupon.
  3. Promotions! Rare, very rare Lynxgear.lv has promotions with discount coupons. However, sometimes such campaigns are held in honor of the events where we take part. To avoid missing these promotions, sign up for a Newsletter (left), follow the News section or follow the Lynxgear Facebook page.

How to use coupons

When you have is a discount coupon, you can use it in the process of ordering on the website. You can enter the discount coupon in appropriate field and receive a discount calculation right away.

We are always waiting for your questions about ordering from us if you have any.

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